Jesus paintings – Christ paintings

Jesus paintings
Welcome to “Jesus Paintings”.
We are specialized in portraits of jesus.

But also in all the painting with one common point with Jesus.

You can visit our “Jesus paintings” store
and get an idea of what we can do.

If you have a personal picture or image you want to paint.

For this you need to do a good scan and
send it by email via the contact form.

We can paint all kinds of things, if the scan that was sent is good.
If you are a shop and you need Many paintings, please contact us by email for the establishment of a special rate.

Way of Jesus paintings

We’ll explain to you how we work, in Jesus paintings.

When we receive your order and payment, we establish a receipt and we sent it by email. Then we start work. We need 4 days to a week to make your painting, it depends on the complexity of the order.
Our paintings are oils on canvas.
All paintings are signed by the artist who made it.

Shipping Jesus paintings

jesus paintings
Then when Jesus paintings is finished.
We have to let it dry for 3 to 5 days.
After that we will ship it in a special box for painting.

Generally delivery takes two weeks by mail, if you want another service such as UPS or another, let us know. We will indicate the rate of transport in our quotation.
All Jesus paintings are sold and shipped without the frame.

Thank you for choosing our site, god bless you, “Jesus paintings”.